Jazz trumpeter, bassist, singer, arranger and composer


Highly acclaimed Dutch and award winning jazz musician from  Den Haag Holland. Niels Tausk can be heard on over 45 cd's with Peter Beets and Ferdinand Povel, Cees Slinger Ocktet, Mathilde Santing, Mike Boddé, Frits Landesbergen and many more. Has toured internationally with Bud Shank, Teddy Edwards, Georgie Fame, Fay Claassen, has done theatre work and played with big bands like the Dutch Jazz Orchestra and the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw. He has also had the honour to share the stage with greats like Dizzy Gillespie, Mel Lewis, Jim Hall, Tom Harrell, Bob Berg, Mike Brecker, Kenny Barron, Kenny Drew, Jeff Tain Watts, Harry Connick jr. and Phil Woods.
A fun loving, swinging musician with a soft spot for jazz with beautiful harmonies.
Niels teaches jazz composition, ensembles and theory subjects at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Den Haag and the Amsterdam Conservatory, especially the young talent departments.
"It was my good fortune to have had Niels as a student, and hearing him today is like a coming of age of his early promise. He has a developed ear for harmony, his music is personal, intense and reflects his sense of integrity. It's a delight to hear him play." Ack van Rooyen
"A young man, who showed tremendous promise when I first met him; has matured, and what a beautiful promise fulfilled." Barry Harris
“Niels Tausk plays with a maturity that belies his years” Georgie Fame (in 1989)
No doubt " Yabadabado time" will be the 'Go to' track when you're feeling down, and need a infusion of "YA BABY!!" Great performance by the cats on this Funky/Groovy tune. (Joe Magnarelli)
22 okt Uffies Zutphen
4 okt s'Graveland
7-6 Concert Cons A'dam Blue Note ensembles
       junior jazz college
8-6 Tausktet, Jasper van Damme in Brody's Den Haag
20 -6 2019 Wolfshound Haarlem
30-6 Huize Lydia Amsterdam
3-7 Niels Tausk kwartet Alto Amsterdam
5-7 Tausktet, festival Voorburg
22-7 De Nel A'dam
22-10 Zutphen
29-10 September Den Haag
24-11 Met Mirjam van Dam, Ella!

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